Discuss your health goals and concerns with me so we can create and action plan to live a vibrant healthy life personalised to you and following your joy.

Creating a personalised package to suit your needs and incorporate various techniques of Energy Medicine and Holistic Quantum Health Coaching based on the premises of Quantum Physics and Neuroscience to empower you to reach your full potential.

Guiding you online or in person with some techniques so that you can improve your health & wellbeing, and help bring more VITALITY to your life.

It's time to THRIVE not only survive.

What is Quantum Health Coaching?

  • The focus of Quantum Health Coaching is to Empower individuals to Live Life Fully Alive.

  • Trauma Release

  • Heart and Brain Coherence

  • Quantum Healing

  • Multidimensional Transformation

  • Guided meditations with NLP/Hypnotherapy

  • Chakra and Light body Attunements

  • DNA Activations

  • Cultivating Compassion and Unconditional Love for Oneself and Others

  • Connecting with your Higher Self and Embodying your Divinity

  • Nutrition & Supplementation Support with Kinesiology

  • Suggestions and support with analysis and detox

  • Training the central and autonomic nervous system using biofeedback neurofeedback, Heart Rate Variability in conjunction with smartphone if that resonates.

I am a certified Quantum Health Coach and Holistic Health Therapist with a BA Hons Degree in Holistic Health Sciences and Neuroscience and biofeedback certifications with Quantum University, a candidate for Masters and PhD Doctorate also with Quantum University  that combined with my background in studying esoteric principles with the Modern Mystery School has given me the fundamentals in creating the space for Quantum Leaps in healing. What I wanted to create was an online service whereby clients could feel supported even with the distance. As Quantum Physics shows us through Entanglement theory, we are all connected and time and space is an illusion. 


I love the merging of of Spirituality with Science. And Quantum Physics Is that bridge and the missing link in our understanding about ourselves and the universe in which we live. The modern language of mysticism is science as Dr Joe Dispenza points out.

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