It may actually be simpler than you would have thought… put your two bare feet on the ground. Yes, that’s all we need to do to reduce stress, inflammation and strengthen our Immune system and auric field.

This is a subject I’ve been passionate about for many years, at one point I used to walk my dog around the local park (Montjuic) barefoot. Fortunately in my new apartment the sockets are ‘earthed’ so I can use my grounding sheets to sleep on and feel the benefits of grounding while I sleep. Feeling the lack of freedom during lockdown urged me to purchase a sheet for my 15-month-old son and a mat for my feet so I can ‘ground’ whilst I type.

It sounds so simple and we all kind of get it intuitively I’m sure, but I’d like to give you some of the science too.

So, we all know we are electromagnetic beings and in the last 100 years we have lost our electrical connection to the Earth. Insulating our feet, homes, streets and cities. Modern day life keeps us disconnected from the Earth.

Just like the electricity cables in our homes we need to be earthed in order to discharge positive Ions that we collect in our bodies. The Earth is a huge reservoir of negatively charged Ions. Our bodies need to have a balance of positively and negatively charged ions for Health and flow in the cells. Simply placing your bare feet on the ground can have profound health benefits and physiological changes. If the ground is slightly wet event better for conductivity. If you would like to feel grounded at home also you can invest in grounding sheets or mats.

A big issue nowadays is the EMF frequencies affecting our electrical field. Radiation from mobile phones, WIFI, power lines, electrical appliances, bluetooth, computers induces voltages in our bodies disturbing trillions of subtle electrical communications so being Earthed can reduce these voltages. Besides of course healthy diet, quality water, supplements etc.

There have been many peer-reviewed studies on how

grounding improves health and wellbeing. Here you can see a darkfield live blood analysis, showing the ungrounded and grounded blood. You can clearly see the static and clumped together blood vs the free flowing healthy blood cells.

The Earthling Movie is a good watch with testimonials and the science behind grounding our energy.

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