How do Essential Oils work?

Therapeutic Grade Essential oils are a great tool towards physical and mental wellbeing.

I am a Wellness Advocate for doTerra Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils which i believe are True Plant Based Medicines!

Essential oils are organic substances from plants, they support healthy body functions, the immune system, and skin. The oils penetrate the skin and affect the emotional centres. Oils cross the blood-brain barrier and can reach the amygdala and other limbic parts of the brain that control our mood, emotions and beliefs. So they can help us handle stress, anger, hurt, anxiety and any other emotions.

I've been using Essential Oils for many years and also studied Aromatherapy there is not a day goes by that I don't use Essential Oils, from a drop of Oregano when i'm feeling low or the different blends I use and diffuse at home and spray onto my body. And of course during therapy sessions. I love to use Essential Oils to clean my home they are a great alternative to modern day chemicals.

There are 3 different types of Essential Oils:

1. Aromatic Essential Oils

These oils are used for their scent and and have no therapeutic properties and these should NOT be used topically or internally, these are not for medicinal use. This oils are widely sold and usually synthetic and therefore harmful to the body.

2. Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

These oils are widely sold also for healing but take care when purchasing as they are often diluted with synthetic chemicals and other additives.

3. Independently tested Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

These oils are tested in laboratories testing purity and composition, oils that meet this rigorous standard are considered safe by the FDA for consumption. Oils that do not meet these regulations are not considered safe for ingesting. Only the highest quality oils should be used for physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

What Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils do I use?

doTerra has provided me with all the assurance I need to know the oils I am using and ingesting are of the highest quality and beneficial to my health and my clients too. I also supply doTerra oils so just ask me if you'd like any more information or have any questions. These are very very powerful and effective oils & blends

There are 3 ways to use these oils: 1. Aromatically: Inhale or diffuse (what you breathe effects your mood and physically!)

2. Topically: Rub or spray onto the skin (use on the soles of the feet and wait just 30 seconds to feel the effects)

3. Internally: Drops in water, cooking or veggie capsules (nourishes the whole body including mouth, throat, liver, stomach & digestive tract)

I believe we need to be more conscious about the synthetic products we use on our body and in our home as these in essence are fake and our body just doesn't know what to do with them! These are man made toxic chemicals, unlike more natural products like organic plant based substances that our body knows how to break down and adapt into the body where it's needed.


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