Chakra Balancing and Alignment
Deep Relaxation
Ensofic Ray Reiki, Crystals, Crystal bowls, Aromatherapy
Guided Meditation, Imagery & Breathing

Reconnect with yourself and align and create more flow in your body mind and energy centres.


Powerfully soothes anxiety, emotional shock or trauma, with relaxation and restoration. 

Accompanied by healing frequencies of quartz crystal pyramids, bowls and chimes to integrate the energies and allow for deep healing to penetrate the energy centres, body & mind. Brain Tap is a hypnosis device to train the brain into Alpha brainwave states, with infrared and blue lights to stimulate the nerve endings in the ears and eyes.


Auriculotherapy touch on the reflex points in the ears and body enabling more freedom in the energy flow. Kinesiology and CPTG Essential Oils allow for emotional unblocking and releasing.

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