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During my early life, I just felt there was something more than what was on offer, I was always a seeker and left home early. I was on a personal path of knowing thyself, healing, and clearing family traumas. In early 2012 my world collapsed and a spiritual crisis soon followed. When I physically was not able to practice yoga anymore or continue down the same trajectory. Therefore, I was forced to go inwards and see myself, and transform from that uncomfortable place.

In 2012 after 5 years of being a successful entrepreneur in the events business in Barcelona, I started to become initiated into Energy Healing and other complementary therapies and modalities which lead me to Quantum University where I graduated with a bachelor honors degree in Holistic Health Sciences in Hawaii in 2017, and in 2021 I'm finalising my Masters and Ph.D. in Natural Medicine. I am also an adepet studying in the hermetic lineage of King Solomon Modern Mystery School.

I never stop learning and diving deeper within, working with clients to shift out of fight or flight, and into optimal health. Focusing on relieving anxiety, depression, stress, and burnout. Helping them to re-connect with themselves and their multidimensionality. I love the blend of science and spirituality, nourishing both left and right hemispheres of my brain, finding the equilibrium between the masculine and the feminine, and resonating this for my clients.

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Harmonising the Body, Mind, Spirit, and Soul into alignment by supporting and training clients on the premise of Quantum Physics, Energy Medicine and Neuroscience to bring about the full potential of individuals, as we shift into a new Quantum Worldview.

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Energy Medicine for transformation and stress reduction.

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